Lemons in Water

The Dark Side of Lemon Water: A Case Study

ScottCosmetic Dentistry, Prevention & Wellness

Many health advocates and nutritionists tout the myriad benefits of lemon water, including promoting hydration, supporting weight loss and providing a source of vitamin C. The National Kidney Foundation also notes that the citric acid in lemons may help prevent kidney stones.

But it’s important to read beyond the headlines, as lemon water can be a case of more is not always better.

The dark side of lemon water

The juice of a lemon is about 5-6% citric acid. Over time, exposure to the acid from lemon water can cause meaningful damage to the tooth enamel,…

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Minimally invasive esthetics

Minimally Invasive Esthetics to a Stellar Smile

KateCosmetic Dentistry

Often times when patients are unhappy with their smile, they express interest in veneers like Hollywood actors and actresses. Boston’s own Ben Affleck famously was forced to have veneers placed before his role in Armageddon.

While veneers will deliver incredible transformations of patients’ smiles, other approaches and tools can often have very compelling results, while maintaining the integrity and unique character of your own teeth.

Our patient Jenny (not her real name) …

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Transformative dental case study

A Transformative Dental Case Study

DF2Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients present to our practice with accumulated years of dental changes and issues. In our practice, we first seek to understand the baseline conditions that led to a patient’s current oral health. Next we proceed with steps to mitigate and/or reverse those conditions, to both establish a long term functional system that is functionally sound, and also to improve the patient’s esthetic appearance.

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