The Truth About Dental X-Ray Exposure

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Let’s assume that you floss, brush, and rinse daily, and get your teeth cleaned twice per year. If you don’t feel any pain or have any “issues,” are x-rays *REALLY* necessary?

The short answer is YES. The long answer is … still YES!

Dental x-rays enable us to see the tips of your teeth roots and bone underneath your gums (which are not visible to the naked eye). Dental x-rays are used within a routine examination to rule out dental disease, and they also help us diagnose any dental problems you may be experiencing….

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7 Dental Home Remedies

7 Home Remedies for Dental Issues

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Maintaining your oral health requires both strong home care habits and regular dental hygiene appointments for professional preventive care.

In non-emergency situations, a home remedy may serve you well – particularly as an interim solution until you can see your dentist.

1. Knocked-out or broken tooth

Whoops, you’ve had an embarrassing face plant. Worse yet, you broke — or lost — your front tooth when your face hit the floor. Losing a tooth is an undeniable emergency, but there are some interim steps you can take to minimize the damage.

Home remedy (interim)
If it’s a baby tooth,…

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TMJ Therapy

What is TMJ Appliance Therapy?

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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge that connects your jaw to the temporal bones of your skull, which are in front of each ear. The joint is used when moving your jaw up and down or side to side. Problems with your jaw and the muscles in your face that control it are known as temporomandibular disorders (TMD).  

Physical therapy is used to aid recovery from an injury or condition, improving patient outcome by addressing pain, scar tissue, strength and range of motion. TMD (or myofascial pain) is often caused by clenching, grinding or malignment of the teeth,…

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8 Common Myths About Root Canals

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For many people, a root canal can cause feelings of anxiety and fear.  Root canals have the stigma of being painful, lengthy procedures that can be quite uncomfortable to endure. This post will address some of the common misconceptions about root canals to ease your concerns.  

Myth #1: Root canals hurt … right?

About two-thirds of Americans cite fear of pain as the major concern relating to a root canal. However, with modern techniques for local anesthesia (like Novocaine), root canals are mostly painless procedures, similar to what you would feel with a dental filling….

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So Much to be Thankful For

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As the weather cools and the final months of 2021 are upon us, we reflect back on the year coming to a close. It’s been an eventful one for us, and we have much to be thankful for.

1. Recognition from our community

Best of The Readings: The Readings magazine is a quarterly magazine that features the people, places, happenings, and history of Reading and North Reading. Their annual Best of The Readings issue awards businesses, practices, and organizations based on reader polls. We are proud to have been voted a best dental practice in 2021….

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