Our Team

We are committed to excellence in all areas of patient care by employing highly skilled team members and encouraging their continued growth and knowledge through ongoing education.  Our team members’ tenure at Dental Health Concepts creates lasting personal and professional relationships that improve communication and positively impact patient care through communication and collaboration.  We work to help patients understand the relationship of their oral health to their total long-term overall health  while providing  the best care in the most comfortable environment possible.

Dental Hygienists

From left to right:

Back Row: Alison MacEachern, Mary Eileen D’Angelo, Kathy Lawson, Caryl Haley, Kathy Kelly-Haverty, Brianna Kiley
Seated: Valerie Aliferis, Donna Reid, Brenna Costello, Karyn Hunt

Office Staff

From left to right:

Lynne Robinson, Nina Intonti, LuAnn Cardillo, Marian Muse, Sandra Bean, Julie Day

Dental Assistants & Lab Technicians

From left to right:

Back Row: Syndie Lumb, Ledja Malaj, Cynthia Vigeant, Marian Lonsdale, Lois Downey, Jen Campea, Jennifer Chase
Front Row: Deborah Craig, Kerry Lee, Maria Gagne, Angela Broman