Dental Services

Prevention & Wellness

The mouth is a mirror of the body, it is a sentinel of disease and it is critical to overall health and well-being”
– Dr. David Satcher, MD, PhD, Surgeon General of the US, May, 2002

At our practice, we focus on your wellness.  Even if you brush your teeth daily, you may still have dangerous bacteria inside your mouth that lead to periodontal (gum) disease. Major and repeated studies show a link between poor oral hygiene and major health issues. 
Cardiovascular inflammation, fertility and low birth weight issues, plaque-related early onset Alzheimer’s disease, increased pulmonary and respiratory infections, and worsening problems with blood sugar and diabetes regulation are just some of the issues that have significant links to dental and oral health.

Focused on prevention

Going beyond basic, subjective, visual assessment of your mouth, obtaining detailed and specific biological information about the bacteria present in your mouth, and evaluating both the inflammatory burden and your susceptibility helps us provide a unique and specialized roadmap to oral health.
We continually review your medical status and medications.  We provide diagnostic bacteria analysis of your mouth. Our recommendations are based on prevention of disease rather than waiting for worsening signs and symptoms.
We are proud to assist you with a biological approach to your heath rather than a purely clinical approach.  We are at the forefront of current approaches to dental and health wellness.