Dental Services

We work with our patients to help them maintain good oral health & minimize inflammation leading to serious health issues.

The mouth is a mirror of the body, it is a sentinel of disease and it is critical to overall health and well-being”
- Dr. David Satcher, MD, PhD, Surgeon General of the US, May, 2002

We are proud to assist you with a biological approach to your heath rather than a purely clinical approach. We are at the forefront of current approaches to dental and health wellness, including guidelines by the AAP noting that periodontal health should be achieved in the least invasive and most cost-effective manner.

A Conservative Yet Effective Approach

We believe that Wellness and Prevention in dentistry is a healing art, not a cleaning art. Treating periodontal disease is more than scraping teeth; as a healing art it requires a comprehensive system for curing the disease. The underlying principles of treating periodontal (gum) disease have changed dramatically over the last 15 years. Today’s best practices promote that the therapy should be based on the composition of the bacteria present. Since the bacteria of individuals may vary dramatically from one another, the therapy must be based on the specific profile of the existing bacteria in each patient. 

The mainstays of modern treatment eliminate dated and ineffective treatment modes, striving to avoid costly surgical procedures and minimize ongoing recession. In recognition of the evolved science, our Modular Periodontal Therapy Program involves a three-step process to cure the existing infection:

  1. The mechanical removal of tartar, plaque and bacteria
  2. Flushing of the gums with anti-microbial rinses, using ultrasonic instruments to penetrate the deepest areas under the gums
  3. Use of systemic antibiotics to cure the underlying infection

Unique to our practice is also the use of Invisalign treatment as a coordinated treatment modality. Aligning and straightening teeth in adults eliminates the development of areas that are impossible to reach with homecare devices (manual and electric toothbrushes, dental floss, gum picks). Coordinating teeth alignment with the curing of gum disease provides a healthy foundation for a lifetime of use. A beautiful smile is an added side benefit.

Our Modular Periodontal Therapy program is honed to very specific thresholds of gum disease, allowing us to tailor your treatment to the most effective and least invasive, time intensive and lowest cost treatment that ensures individual care and maximum success. Each step in the process (or module) is augmented with specific therapies to focus on your particular needs. Office visits for treatment, easy home care instruction, use of rinses and short-term antibiotic therapy insure success.