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A Dazzling Smile for Dad

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A patient case study by Ali MacEachern, Registered Dental Hygienist and Whitening Specialist

Nothing turns back the hands of time like a youthful, white smile. Teeth whitening is a non-invasive, simple process that can give you a quick boost of confidence. I have been professionally whitening teeth since 2016 using a variety of systems, and I am an in-office whitening patient myself.

It is the highlight of my day to see the amazing transformation in a patient’s appearance after completing whitening treatment!

Here comes the (father of the) bride

The patient in this case study wanted to whiten his teeth before his daughter’s upcoming wedding. …

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From. Vision to Reality Blog Post Featured Image

From Vision to Reality: Creating a Beautiful Smile

Scott Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign, Veneers, Whitening

A patient case study by Dr. Brian Crowley

The state of dentistry today offers an ever-changing landscape, buoyed by continuous developments in technology and materials. Although keeping up with the evolution of technology can be daunting, it is one of my favorite parts of the profession. New technology allows us to provide a better experience for our patients — often in less time, and with less discomfort. The best part is that it enables us to better visualize the endpoint of a treatment plan before we even start … and to share this vision (of a future smile) with our patient….

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Minimally invasive esthetics

Minimally Invasive Esthetics to a Stellar Smile

Kate Cosmetic Dentistry

Often times when patients are unhappy with their smile, they express interest in veneers like Hollywood actors and actresses. Boston’s own Ben Affleck famously was forced to have veneers placed before his role in Armageddon.

While veneers will deliver incredible transformations of patients’ smiles, other approaches and tools can often have very compelling results, while maintaining the integrity and unique character of your own teeth.

Our patient Jenny (not her real name) …

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Transformative dental case study

A Transformative Dental Case Study

DF2 Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients present to our practice with accumulated years of dental changes and issues. In our practice, we first seek to understand the baseline conditions that led to a patient’s current oral health. Next we proceed with steps to mitigate and/or reverse those conditions, to both establish a long term functional system that is functionally sound, and also to improve the patient’s esthetic appearance.

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Social Distancing is for People NOT Your Teeth

DF2 Cosmetic Dentistry, Routine Dentistry

Kids aren’t the only ones to lose teeth. Adults can suffer tooth loss for various reasons, including trauma/accidents, gum disease, tooth decay and bruxism (grinding), as well as severely misaligned teeth. A lost tooth isn’t just bad for your smile, it is bad for your overall oral health. Losing one tooth actually makes it more likely that you’ll eventually lose more teeth … because the empty space results in increased reliance on the surrounding teeth, which can lead to fracture from overuse. You’re also more likely to develop infections with the newly empty space in your gums.

If you find yourself with a new space in your mouth,…

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