Infection Control

The Highest Level of Sterilization

Since guidelines were first issued by the Center of Disease Control and the American Dental Association, Dental Health Concepts has met and in many areas exceeded their recommendations.

  • All of our dental handpieces are put through a state-of-the-art, high pressure steam autoclave sterilization unit after EVERY PATIENT USE.
  • We use as many disposable items as possible. Anesthetic cartridges and needles, water-air syringe tips, saliva suction tips, etc., are all discarded after single patient use. Masks, towels, cups and similar items are never used more than once. Equipment handles are also protected with disposable plastic covers.
  • The staff’s practice of using gloves and changing them before every patient is NEVER violated.
  • Before and after each patient, all work surfaces, chairs, lights and units are disinfected with a strong bacteriocidal and viricidal agent.
  • Training of our staff is an ongoing process with the in-office review of sterilization procedures as well as continuing education courses to learn the latest techniques.