Digital Imaging

Advances in digital technology have had a significant impact on the field of dentistry in recent years. One area in particular is that of imaging – in many various forms.

Digital photographs have revolutionized the treatment planning process, particularly those involving cosmetics. The amazing detail of these images allow us to see details we otherwise wouldn’t, giving us insight into the subtle nuances that will contribute to how we plan your perfect smile.

Digital intraoral scanners are used in place of traditional impressions. Don’t like that goopy material running onto your palate? Intraoral scanners eliminate the need for these types of impressions in most cases. They are also extremely accurate and since the impression is a digital file, it can be reused and modified, making the treatment process flow more efficiently and in less time.

Intraoral cameras are used to show you what we see when we look in your mouth. They take very detailed and close-up images of the tooth, helping us to better communicate any diagnosis we discuss. It is very important to us that our patients have a clear understanding of any recommendations we make, and intraoral cameras have become a very useful tool to impart that understanding.

Intraoral scanners are now used in a variety of treatments, including:

Digital imaging saves time, improves patient care and is a very green technology. The elimination of film, developer and chemical waste is better for you and the environment!

Advanced Technology