Smile Design

woman smiling Creating a wonderful new smile is a process that begins with getting to know the patient’s expectations. This involves not only a conversation, but the gathering of appropriate records, including digital images, study models, digital radiographs and clinical findings.

This information is then analyzed by the dentist and our on staff dental lab technician. The doctor and technician will collaborate to generate a wax model of your new smile. This model will allow us to create helpful frameworks that are brought to the mouth during the preparation phase. The frameworks allow us to mimic what the wax up depicts and it will allow us to accurately communicate with the porcelain lab technician who will be fabricating your new smile.

The key to success, in receiving a result that we can both be proud of, is communication, communication, and more communication. And before your new smile is permanently cemented you have the opportunity to evaluate it.

We want you to be happy and proud of your new smile!